Jeff S

Jeff Stallings | PRESIDENT / COO

Jeff started as our sales/marketing manager. He played a huge role in creating our brand and shaping our company’s identity, while building a sales team from the ground up. Since then his role has expanded, his title has changed  from sales manager to president and his responsibilities now encompass every aspect of the business. Jeff is a very high capacity individual who has worked immensely hard at educating and improving his professional and personal self, as he has grown so has PRINT NW.

Jeffery B

Jeffery Beardemphl | CEO

Jeffery sets the company’s strategic direction with the help of the senior management. He steers our corporate culture, manufacturing models, processes and coaches mid level management. He works to educate everyone who works at PRINT NW about the direction and goals of the company. Jeffery has proven, for over thirty years, his ability to put together good talented people and keep them together.